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The St Ives September Festival

The St Ives September Festival is back again this year, a two-week celebration of music and the arts. A highlight of the 2017 festival was the ‘Spot the Artist’ event run by the St Ives Rotary club. Hundreds of artists, including our very own Joan Bradley, donated over 350 works to the event.

Huge demand for this event meant queues 24 hours before the event opened, and the paintings sold quickly! This event raised over £12,000, split between local arts charities and The Rotary Club.

Joan’s work proved particularly popular, with one of her paintings snapped up by the third person in the queue! A delighted buyer wrote to Joan after the event expressing their excitement at securing a piece of Joan’s work, dismissing the queue and the weather as being worth the inconvenience.

See some of Joan's Artwork featured on WhereforeArt

For more information on the St Ives September festival, visit: http://www.stivesseptemberfestival.co.uk/

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